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This list shows a sample of our Heart shape diamond Rings, Herat diamond rings and heart shape loose diamonds. We have a superb range of Heart Diamonds from .25 (A Quarter of a Carat and up). Plus some Fancy colours such as Intense Yellow diamonds, Pink diamonds and green and cappuccino diamonds.
The Heart shape diamond may be hard to find, but it is considered the most sentimental of all the diamond shapes. It is important to find a Heart diamond with even lobes and a well-defined outline.
Certified Heart Loose Diamonds are the perfect gift whatever the occasion, any of our Heart shape loose diamonds can be set in your choice of 18ct white gold, yellow gold, or platinum, according to preference.
A diamond heart carries with it a message of love and affection that lasts long after the occasion when the jewel is given.

The modified brilliant-cut heart shaped diamond is a unique and unmistakable symbol of love. Heart shaped diamonds are very popular in diamond solitaire pendants as well as heart diamond rings. Customers choosing a heart, symmetry is a very important characteristic, since it is critical that the two halves of the heart are identical. The cleft (between the two lobes) should be sharp and distinct, and the wings (the sides as they curve down to the point) should have a very slightly rounded shape.

Heart shaped diamonds of less than .50 carats may not be a good choice, as the heart shape is more difficult to perceive in smaller diamonds, especially after they are set in prongs. For smaller hearts, a bezel or three prong setting (one prong on each lobe, one prong at the point) will better preserve the heart shape outline of the diamond after it is set.

Heart shaped diamonds come in a variety of silhouettes, from narrow to fat. The choice of a particular silhouette should be dictated by personal preference, though the length to width ratio of a classic heart shaped diamond is approximately 1.00ct. For heart diamonds that are to be set in pendants, buyers may prefer a slightly narrow cut (1.05 - 1.15), while for hearts set in a solitaire ring, a slightly wide cut (.85 - 1.00ct) may be most appealing.

Please contact us here in Hatton Garden London for ordering or buying loose, certificated or certified Heart diamonds or Heart shape diamond and heart engagement rings handmade in our workshop in Platinum or 18 carat gold

3104 HEART SHAPE 0.34 D VVS1 IGI £1,366
8057- 8 HEART SHAPE 0.52 F VVS2 IGI £2,458
3253 HEART SHAPE 0.54 F SI2 IGI £1,550
3301 HEART SHAPE 0.53 G SI2 IGI £1,445
8057-11 HEART SHAPE 0.50 H VVS1 IGI £1,963
3089 HEART SHAPE 0.58 J SI1 IGI £1,457
12159- 2 HEART SHAPE 0.73 D VS2 HRD £5,694
59931 HEART SHAPE 0.83 E SI1 HRD £4,782
7519 HEART SHAPE 0.72 G IF HRD £5,546
10409-25 HEART SHAPE 0.71 G VS2 IGI £3,986
12159- 1 HEART SHAPE 0.73 G SI1 IGI £3,915
B575- 4 HEART SHAPE 0.70 H VS2 EGL £3,265
10409- 27 HEART SHAPE 0.71 I VS2 HRD £2,953
10409-24 HEART SHAPE 0.70 I SI1 IGI £2,585
A340 HEART SHAPE 0.90 D VS1 HRD £8,766
12159- 4 HEART SHAPE 0.91 G VS2 HRD £7,246
10403 HEART SHAPE 0.90 H SI1 HRD £5,983
3075 HEART SHAPE 0.90 I SI1 IGI £4,779
6782 HEART SHAPE 1.00 F VS2 HRD £10,181
11506 HEART SHAPE 1.01 F VS2 EGL £9,997
6769 HEART SHAPE 1.01 G SI1 IGI £8,057
6167 HEART SHAPE 1.01 G SI2 HRD £6,373
B605 HEART SHAPE 1.07 G SI2 IGI £7,271
12201 HEART SHAPE 1.17 H VS2 HRD £10,207
10317 HEART SHAPE 1.17 I SI2 IGI £6,395
10361 HEART SHAPE 1.27 F VS2 HRD £14,366
B608 HEART SHAPE 1.37 G SI2 HRD £11,305
12173 HEART SHAPE 1.51 G SI1 HRD £18,865
B465 HEART SHAPE 1.50 G SI2 HRD £14,483
8231 HEART SHAPE 1.51 I VS2 EGL £13,958
11 HEART SHAPE 1.57 J VS2 EGL £11,133
10362 HEART SHAPE 1.76 G SI1 HRD £21,989
79911 HEART SHAPE 1.70 H SI1 IGI £16,991
7960 HEART SHAPE 2.13 F SI1 IGI £36,411
9356 HEART SHAPE 2.03 H SI1 IGI £26,698
3390 HEART SHAPE 3.78 J SI2 HRD £41,482