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Some of the hottest new looks are "Pietre d'Amore" jewellery necklaces, pearl necklaces, gemstone necklaces.
These contemporary gemstone necklaces and precious stone necklaces a& bracelets are brought together here in Hatton Garden London EC1 UK - The heart of London's jewellery quarter.
Colourful necklaces, beaded necklaces and classic necklaces, this collection of contemporary designer necklaces and impressive designs and will delight any wearer of designer jewellery. Pearl necklaces and fabulous chunky bead necklaces that make a glamorous statement.
Aquamarine Necklaces, Turquoise necklaces, Amethyst necklaces and Rock Crystal Necklaces. The precious gemstones and semi-precious gem stones including Agate gemstones, Amazonite, Calcite, Chalcedony gemstones, Citrine gemstones, Coral, Fluorite, Freshwater Pearl and Rose Quartz Necklaces too.
Fresh on the market and certainly a trend to watch are cascades of colourful gemstones, that add a chunk of colour and life to your neckline. Right now, we are seeing layers or multi-tiered necklaces of raw gems & gemstones such as Turquoise, Amethyst or Rose Quartz as a very exciting alternative to your traditional strand of Pearls. The gemstone necklace has really comes into its own this year. It is the great focus point of the décolleté. It enlivens the classic shirt, stands out on the mini top and rejuvenates the staid chemisier.
Companion by day, accomplice by night, the gemstone necklace has seized a leading role. Spelt out in ropes of sea and river Pearls, Fluorite, Aquamarine and Coral, it acquires all the earth, water and fire hues in turn.
It is wrapped around the neck like a scarf or left to fall in cascades like a stole, offering a fantastic chance to create a surprise effect. They surround the neck to shed light and hue on the face. As they lie down on the skin they emphasize the elegance of a dress and the charm of a woman.
The "Pietre d'amore" collection features a variety of gem necklaces and pearl necklaces including South Sea pearls, Tahitian pearls and pink pearls. These are designed with great attention to detail. Pietre d'amore have now introduced a range of contemporary gemstone bracelets and gemstone earrings to match.Innovative designs that transform gemstones into personal symbols. Necklaces designed by the gorgeous Jane Lucca d'Arezzo of "Pietre D'Amore". All of Jane's gemstone necklaces are individually hand-made, so some minor variations may occur.
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Hirschfelds Ltd have in stock and for sale a comprehsive range of "Pietre d'amore" colourful Gemstone necklaces, pearl necklaces & precious gemstone jewellery.
The designer gemstone necklaces & jewellery necklaces are also available to purchase here in London, Milano, Vicenza and Verona Italy.
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Aquamarine and Clear Quartz Necklace

Clear Quartz and Aquamarine and Necklace. Delectable necklace of shimmering aquamarine and ice clear faceted quartz. Aquamarine measure 9mm x 6mm.... more info

Faceted White Agate approx 20mm

This stylish design really stands out in the crowd. The beads are faceted and softly polished which beautifully accentuates the tones of the agate.... more info

White Agate Pearl and Clear Quartz Necklace

Clear Quartz and white Agate Pearl and Necklace Wondrous 3 row necklace of glorious faceted white agate, fresh water pearls in exquisite shades of... more info

Amethyst Pearl and Clear Quartz Necklace

Clear Quartz and Amethyst Pearl Necklace. Translucent amethysts harmonising with delicious grey and white fresh water pearls and clear quartz rock... more info

White Agate, Clear Quartz and Pearl Necklace

Clear Quartz, White Agate and Pearl Necklace. A chi-chi quality necklace adorned with faceted agate, radiant clear quartz and lustrous grey fresh... more info

Amethyst Pearl and Clear Quartz Bracelet

Designer Pearl Clear Quartz and Amethyst Bracelet. A Very pretty bracelet with sparkling faceted amethysts, Creamy white fresh water pearls and clear... more info

Faceted Quartz Howlite, Bamboo and Fresh Water Pearl Necklace

Faceted and smooth cut clear quartz; howlite, bamboo and fresh water pearl necklace.Centre quartz approx' 35x25mm. 17 inches long. Silver clasp.... more info

Clear Quartz and Black Pearl NECKLACE

Clear Quartz and Black Pearls. An elegant necklace with beautiful briolette quartz drop and lustrous fresh water pearls, black with shades of purple... more info

Sponge Coral and Howlite Necklace

Howlite and Sponge Coral Necklace - Glorious coral and hunky howlite present unadorned glamour. Coral measures 20mm. Howlite measures 38 x 25mm.... more info

A Stunning Amber, Ivory and 18ct Rose Gold Necklace

An elegant beaded necklace set with Gold, Ivory and Amber beads. Composed of 20 graduating Ivory beads with the central section alternating with 10... more info

Grey and White Fresh Water Pearl Necklace

A long strand pearl necklace of shimmering baroque grey pearls with subtle pink hues and luscious white baroque pearls.A stunning designer pearl... more info

Howlite and Fresh Water Pearl Necklace

Howlite and Fresh Water Pearl Necklace. Resplendant necklace of vibrant howlite and lustrous baroque pearl. Howlite measure approx' 25mm x 20mm.... more info