Platinum Cushion Cut Diamond engagement ring 2.25 carats


A cushion cut diamond with an increase sparkle with a Simple Shank. This Cushion Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring is from our Bridal collection. The Cushion cut diamond is set with four claws (prongs) in platinum. Cerrtified 2.25cts I SI1 Cushion cuts were immensely popular during the latter part of the 1800s and the early 1900s,this was simply how diamonds were cut. While the shape was often called a pillow cut because of its resemblance to plump pillows, it was also called a candlelight diamond because it was cut specifically to be most brilliant in candlelight - before the advent of electric bulbs. Many of the older cushion cuts, often called Old Mine Cuts, have steep crown and pavilion facets, usually a culet and a small table. Contemporary cushion cuts may be more symmetrical than older rings because of modern refinements in lapidary skills, but generally cushion cuts are still difficult to find outside antique rings. Many old diamonds are cushion cuts, including the infamous Hope Diamond

Platinum Cushion Cut Diamond engagement ring 2.25 carats I SI

  • Model: 14461
  • Type: Antique Rings

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