Flamingo Brooch Clip - South Sea Pearl and Diamond Clip


  • Type: Antique Brooches

An Amusing and Theatrical Pave Diamond and South Sea Cultured Pearl Flamingo Brooch. This fine, creative Pearl & Diamond brooch in characteristic pose is composed of a central, Grey South Sea Cultured Pearl, set as the main part of the body, to a Pave Diamond set Tail and a Pave Diamond set Neck and Head. The Head is later set with a single Ruby as an Eye and an Onyx set Beak. All set in white. Neck stamped 750. Taken directly from nature and their salient elements, Naturalistic jewels became gradually more stylised in the mid 1940's. This flamingo is depicted at rest with one leg up and more three-dimensional rather than flat. The brooch has vigour, plasticity and an inimitable sense of movement thanks to the technique of the craftsmen who executed the design and manufacture.Unforunately This Diamond Flamingo Clip has NOT worn by THE DUCHESS OR WINDSOR!

Flamingo Brooch Clip - South Sea Pearl and diamond clip.Similar to the Duchess of Windsor's brooch