Olive Green Diamond - Pearshape 1.65cts

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An Intense Olive Green Diamond . Pear Shape 1.65 carats. Certificated. KSCDD
The stone's unique green colour is due to natural exposure to radioactive materials,

The most famous of all Green diamonds is Dresden Green Diamond, also known as "Dresden Green", is a 41 carats (8.2 g) natural green diamond, which probably originated in the Kollur mine in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India.The Dresden Green is a rare Type IIa, and it is said to be internally flawless. It is named after Dresden, the capital of Saxony, Germany where it has been on display for most of the last two centuries. Today, the diamond is shown in the "New Green Vault" at Dresden Castle.

Any diamond with a green hue means it has spent a few million years being bombarded with a radioactive source. (Note that hydrogen may also be the cause in some yellowish-green stones.)The green colour in natural diamonds is caused by the natural radiation of the Earth, probably uranium ore, while the Earth was forming.

  • Model: OGD165ICK
  • Type: Rings

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