Old Cut Diamond Five Stone Ring


A classic victorian ring composed of a central row of 5 graduating old cut diamonds delicately set in a fine claw setting to carved shoulders and a plain shank. The diamonds weigh approximately 0.35cts in total. All set in 18ct Gold. Hallmarked 1911. Size N. 3.5 grams.

The Siege of Sidney Street, popularly known as the Battle of Stepney, was a notorious gunfight in London's East End in 1911. It ended with the deaths of two members of a politically-motivated gang of burglars supposedly led by Peter Piaktow, a.k.a. Peter the Painter, and sparked a major political row over the involvement of the Home Secretary, Winston Churchill.

On 2 January 1911, an informant told police that two or three of the gang, possibly including Peter the Painter himself, were hiding at 100 Sidney Street, Stepney (in the Metropolitan Police District). Worried that the suspects were about to flee, and expecting heavy resistance to any attempt at capture, on 3 January two hundred men cordoned off the area and the siege began. At dawn the battle commenced.

The defenders, though heavily outnumbered, possessed superior weapons and great stores of ammunition. The Tower of London was called for backup, and word got to Home Secretary Winston Churchill, who arrived on the spot to observe the incident first hand, and to offer advice. Churchill authorised calling in a detachment of Scots Guards to assist the police. Six hours into the battle, and just as the field artillery piece that Churchill had authorised arrived, a fire began to consume the building. When the fire brigade arrived Churchill refused them access to the building. The police stood ready, guns aimed at the front door, waiting for the men inside to attempt their escape. The door never opened. Inside the remains of two members of the gang, Fritz Svaars and William Sokolow (both were also known by numerous aliases), were recovered. No sign of Peter the Painter was ever found.

A vintage Old Cut Diamond Five Stone Ring. Diamonds 0.35cts approx. 1911 Edwardian

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  • Type: Antique Rings

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